Ewwwwww. School ~

I ran underneath the table, and curled up into a ball. “9… 10! Ready or not here I come!” I hear a boy scream excitedly. Suddenly the tablecloth lifts from outside, and a 5 year old boy (a mix of Andrew Garfield’s hair, and Dylan O’ Brian’s face – good looking, i know) comes and curls up next to me. He sniffles a little, and I clamp my fingers over his mouth and he flinched. “Quiet Mio!”(who is mio? never met a mio. I’d sure like to though) I snap ( I guess i took hide and seek pretty seriously when i was 5) I hear scuffling noises of what i suppose is the seeker, and they slowly die down. After around a minute of intense waiting I hear a weird ringing noise. I flinch. I hear it again. This time louder. The tablecloth lifts again. “Ringgg! Tringgg!!!!”

My eyes snap open, as my loud alarm breaks through my dream. I scramble on my bedside table till i pick up my phone and switch off the alarm. “Damn it. I couldn’t finish the dream.” I cringe as I stretch out my numb limbs. And then it hits me. First day of 10th grade. “Ughhh” I grumble, as I drop my legs over the side of my bed. I shuffle to my bathroom, and switch the light on (i think i went blind for a sec) I run my fingers through my hair in some hopeless attempt to not look like i never combed it in my life. I pick up my brush and stare at myself in the mirror as I contemplate why i look so ugly. I switch on the heater as I walk back into room, and flop on to my bed. I stare into the white nothingness on my ceiling. “How nice it would be to be 5 again.” I mumble before reaching out to my phone and checking the time. 6:41. “Damn it! I’m late” I drop the phone and rush to the bathroom.

I skip the stairs as I call out to my mom. “Ma! I’m late! I’m leaving!” She walks out of the kitchen. “Sit down at the table Ananya! Drink your milk!” I look at her and frown. “Now!” I drop my head as I chug the milk down. I cringe as a swallow the horrid taste, and run out of the house. “Bye! See you in the evening!” I stuff my shoes on before leaving the gate open, and jogging down the street.

I walk down the aisle of my bus, as I see a bunch of excited little kids all overjoyed to be going to school (I mean who wouldn’t be? You get nap time! Just wait for a few more years until trignometry and functions take over your life) I walk to the back and slide into my seat. I plug my earphones in and enter the oblivion of the world of music.


I walk into the block and the chatter of about a hundred students cuts through I peaceful music. I see a few familiar faces and smile or wave. I also see new faces, whom I just smile at. I search for my friends for a second before I see one of them staring down at her phone, I silently walk over and scare her. “Hi!” She flinches before turning and smiling. “Hiiii! How was your holidays?” I smile. “Just fine thank you. And yours?” “Same old. Same old.” I smile as I turn to look for Apooo. “She’s there.” Fiza points, and I look in that direction. I silently sneak up on her and hug her. She jumps back. “Oh my god woman! You know I hate hugs!” I laugh. “Of course I do! That’s why I did it.” She scowls as we make our way back to Fiza.

Of course I exchange pleasantries with all my other friends, a few hugs, and lots of smiling. (hard work) Soon enough the teachers started walking in, and we start to calm down. We line up into our sections, and wait for the morning announcements. I look up and down my line, and much to my disappointment there was only a few people that i know. I walk up to Ansh (another friend of mine_. “Ya so basically, you are sitting next to me this year.” He laughs. “Ya fine.”


The first bell rang and I sat down in my seat. The class was still bustling as new students walked in, and old students fooled around. I looked out the window. It wasn’t a particularly nice day, considering it is the first day of school and all, but the weather was chilly, and the skies were a calming grey, and the wind shook the trees just a little…

¬†How cool it would be to sit on a cloud. Plucking off tiny little chunks of cloud like cotton candy. Being able to travel the world, and see everything from above. It may be a little lonely, but who isn’t? instead i’m forced to sit here i this building and study my a** off. Oh when does summer start?

A boy dashes into my desk as he tries to escape some other boy chasing him. (typical idiotic boys in my grade. I try not to expect anything from them) He shoots me an apologetic look (or at least i think that’s what it was supposed to be) before running off. I roll my eyes, as Keya (other bestie) comes to sit next to me. “So 10th grade huh?” “Yup.” I say solemnly. “The boys are still idiots.” “They always are.” I confirm. Just when one of the boys was going to stand on a chair, the teacher walks in. They automatically settle down like the best little kids on the planet. (oh so innocent) “Good morning children. I am your biology teacher…” I lost interest after that, but i heard her talking about hard work, and long assignments, and strict deadlines. And I hate all of those words. Oh when does summer start?


Of course lunch came slower than we all expected. It honestly felt like ages. I wait for Fiza and Apooo to leave the class, and I join them. “How was she?” “Boring, and so not cool.””She’s like a second version of Ms.Bali” “Ouch.” I laugh. “I mean what were you even expecting?” I half listen, half look at the new kids as we walk to our spot. (you know. The place you always sit at during lunch. You know) “Okay, okay.” I cut off Fiza as she repeats like the same point for the 6th time in her rant. “More importantly….” I emphasize just to get her to shut up. “Did you notice any hot guys?” (I really had no hopes for the guys in our grade. But hey! A girl can dream okay ūüôā “Hah no. What were you expecting.” She snorts. “I don’t know! Something!” She laughs. We talk about some new students for about a minute before Apooo gets back to that new Eco teacher of hers. I mean she did last like a minute without ranting about her. Good enough.


I get off the hot, claustrophobic bus and slip the other side of my backpack on my shoulder. I start to walk down the street as some Korean song plays in my ears. (OMG! I haven’t mentioned it yet. But Kpop is life. It’s so beautiful and its just perfection. Go check it out. I will probably have like a whole post just on Kpop once. Wait for it ūüôā As I walk down the street, like I was saying. I looked up from my phone and saw this neat looking guy (u know, with nice hair, and a good jawline. u know what i mean) My eyes met his for a split second, and before I could even smile he had turned away. I swallowed. (Its okay Ananya. Don’t cry) I try to forget about him as I open the gate t my house ad walk up to the door and take my shoes off. I ring the doorbell, and my mom opens. “How was your day?” “Good” I say halfheartedly. “hah. School.” I brother teases. “Oh shut up.” I turn and spit at him. (Who was lazing on the sofa watching some sport on T.V)”Stupid college” I mutter to myself as I walk up the stairs. “At least he won’t be here.” I try to console myself as I lock my room door and take my bag off.

I go to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. My hair looked like a haystack from the terrible bus ride, and my face was bloated, and a pimple on my cheek. “Ugh.” I groan.

What if the guy actually liked what he saw? What if he thought I was cute? Will he come searching for me? What if he does see me again, and he asks me out?! And then he is like the sweetest guy. Like he’s funny, and sweet, and¬†chivalrous.¬†

I glance back at the mirror long enough to snap out of it. “God Ananya. You look ugly, and he probably has a girlfriend. You’re never going to see him again, and a guy that good only exists in your dreams.” I dismiss my wishes, but of course I think about him the whole rest of the evening.


Greattttttttttt. And now i’m here! (Still thinking about that dude btw)

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I can’t say his name ~

My school is crap

There is this whole prefect thing that decided to start in school, and like a bunch (like a dozen!) people from my grade were chosen to run for prefect. And guess what! I wasn’t! I mean i know i sound like a total b*tch (for lack of better word) But I honestly deserve it. I work hard, study well, do a bunch of extra – curriculars, and work for my house. And just to make it worse, Satya was chosen. Honestly this boy is never going to give me a break.

I just. oh idk. Does it even matter? I storm down the hall into my classroom, and uhhhhh. Who had to be standing right there. You guessed it. Satya. I come to an abrupt stop, my face only inches from his. I shrink back a little, like a snake from a mongoose. I grit my teeth.¬†Why is he so ugly and egoistical? Can’t he move? Neither of us want to be here right now. Gosh. I can’t stand here forever.¬†“Good luck.” I murmured.”What?” He said. Out of two options, one being he didn’t here me, and one being that he was a jerk, i am 999% sure that it’s the latter. “Good luck.” I sat, and walked by him, disgusted spun all over my face.

That idiot. Honestly though. Wouldn’t it be¬†soon¬†cool…….

I looked down at the consult form, flipping through the familiar pages. blood group, former surgeries, ect. I heard a knock. “Come in.” I looked up as a male came and sat down in my consultation chair. For a second it was silent. I said nothing. “Satya?” i questioned carefully. He smiled without sarcasm on his face(is that even possible?) “ya. it’s me.”I give him a doubtful look. “What are you doing here?” I frantically flip through to his diagnosis. “You have a tumour?” His head falls. (Oh my god! Thats the first time his ego has fallen!) “yeah.” His eyes glinted at my name plaque. “And your one of the best neurosurgeons in town-” i cut him off. “In india.” I said it way too rudely and confidently, and the second it left my lips i almost regretted it. “Ya. Sorry.” I silently look through his MRI scans. “it’s stress induced.” I say softly. “What do you do?” Honestly I expected him to be like Arnab Goswami (google him up) But he replied. “History teacher.” I almost scoff, but i turn it into a cough (i think he caught on though) I just turn the next page, and tell him. “I’ll perform the surgery in three days, get admitted to the hospital. It’s lunch, i will see you in an hour. My door opens and this hot doctor walks in “Anan! Lunch!” I look up. “Ohhhhh honey! Meet Satya. Satya this is my (hot. Very hot) Husband.¬†

“Ananya! That corner please!” I am very sadly brought back to reality by my teacher forming groups. I see that only another boy is in that corner. For the next minute or so the teacher contemplates groups. Soon only Satya and a few boys are left.¬†God please not him!¬†Pleaseeeeeeeeee.¬†I pray with every bone in my body for it not to be him. “Satya. Group.. Group two! I watch him walk to the opposite corner and I crack a small smile.


A few days later.

“I would like to tell you all that this is a batch with our most talented students. I can tell you that choosing these positions as the hardest i have had to choose in a long time. Of course there will be disappointments, but i want you all to remember how capable, and amazing you all are.”

This is the way my HOD (head of high school) started the speech to announce the prefects. I zoned out until she started to announce the prefects. One was this boy from my house. The third person she announced was Satya. I just scowled, and made my way to art class.

“Are you honestly kidding me? Ugh! Why do all the teachers love him?! he is such a b*tch!* (sry. But i swore a lot more in reality) I groaned fro like the millionth time to Fiza. “Look. You already knew that they were going to get it. Stop lying to yourself, and beating yourself up about it.” I crack my neck. “You know what Fiza, you are absolutely right. Just because this school can’t recognise my awesomeness doesn’t mean i’m not awesome. You know what? I am going study really hard and get A* (A +) in every fricken subject, and like take up like 6902611846474 initiatives next year, just to prove to this school that they made a mistake.” Fiza laughed. “That sounds a lot more like the Ananya I know.” I smile, already beginning to imagine my life as head girl (top of the student council)

For most of the 45 minute class, i swear atlas 5 minutes were spent just by saying the name Satya. By the end i was just like. “Honestly. I can’t say his name without wanting to spit. Ugh.”


I clicked my phone screen off. I just had a long, oblique, yet arguably interesting conversation about the level of Satya’s stupidity. At about this time, just typing his name was becoming a hard task.¬†Don’t dwell on it Ananya. You’re better than him. So much so, that even comparing him to you is an atrocity.

EDIT: I closed my eyes, as I let my exhausted limbs relax. And slowly a realisation came to me. Maybe deep down somewhere, maybe. Just Maybe. I feel a little threatened by him.


Basically this whole chapter revolved around my hatred for this guy. Honestly if you get to know him, he’s a real piss off.

You know. deep down i think i really feel threatened by him. (now in the edit.)

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Bad Days~

Some days are just bad days.

UGH! I flop onto my bed. Is it even fair?! I let my body lose, and just try to let go of everything. I just spent the last half an hour, getting screamed at from my parents. I mean it’s not even fair! i didn’t do anything wrong! Why are they so strict! (I frown automatically at my crappy life) And what’s to make it better? I leave for hyderabad the very next morning. Like no jokes, I god really chose a good time didn’t he? “Ughhhh” I grumble out loud this time. Life. Totally. sucks. I shake my head, trying to calm down, and relax.

What if Life wasn’t like this? What if I was born as someone else? or something else? Would it be better?

Of course not! No matter how good someone’s life looks, it’s always just as bad. No one can live without pain. But maybe a different life would be better. one with nicer parents. In a different place.¬†

Does it really matter? I mean my life isn’t that bad. Is it? Why this life? Why can’t you ever remember your previous lives? Why suffer on this planet, only to be reborn again? Why do we even live? What is the point of this pain? Will it matter if I die? Do you think anyone would care?

Would I care if I died right now?

I blinked my tears, daring to fall. “You never cry.” I mutter silently to myself. (I really don’t) I shot up, and got off my bed. What stupid thougts. I switched on the heater, anticipating a long, soothing shower.


“Ya maaaa! I’ll bo fine! Don’t worry i’ll get something to eat at the airport. Ya I took it! Okay bye!!!!!” I get into my car, as i answer my moms questions for the hundereth time. Hyderabad, here I come!

So I don’t know if you know what an MUN is, but it’s a model united nations, where you debate on topics. it’s got a lot to do with public speaking, and persuasive skills. (Google it up, or ask me in the comments) So i have been doing this fr a year now. And it’s fun. With lot’s of socials, and the opportunity to make friends. But there is this one guy. Called Satya. he is like the god at MUN. he is annoyingly good at it. and to add slat to the wound, he is a total jerk. Not only at this. But i’ve known hom for years now, and he is like my mortal enemy. I really REALLY hate him. Of course he hd to come. And he had to bring his sister. i mean why not piss me off with your duplicate in girl form? Luckily Ansh is coming. So a little solace can be found in that.


One day later.

Of course. I am failing. because the quality of delegates (people) here are so good. nd I suck. To top it off, we have a crap teacher with us. And like out of 17, 15 of those people hate me. So like nothing is working out. And I have 200 people in my room.So I haven’t even spoken once. I am such a fail. life suckx.

Why did I even want to come? I know i’m an idiot. What if I wasn’t so smart? Why am I not an average student? What would life be like if I was as amazing as some people? Like if I was an amazing public speaker? Oh My god! She is so pretty! Why can’t I be like her!? Life would be so much easier then! I wouldn’t be so fat and ugly.

I came back to the real world. “Committee!” I heard one of the girls screech as she ran off. I silently walked away, as I contemplated the stupidity that is my life.


I don’t even know why I thought I would win anything. Honestly. I am sitting here. With my restless legs, going up and down, as they announce the awards. I mean I had fun at he dance last night, with like friends, and a close friend I had made during committee. but at the end of the day, it’s the awards that matter.

And Best delegate goes to… Delegate of Malaysia! for her hardworking and creative work in committee! I scramble out of the row, and walk to the front, my head helg high, and a huge smile on my face. I collect the award, as others from my committee congradulate me. This is the life.

i jolted back into reality as i see someone from my committee walk up to collect the award. Unvoluntairly a frown finds its place on my face, but I quickly recover oticing that people that actually deserved it didnt get any award! How unfair! Of course a few minutes later, Satya was called out to get a prize, and he being his jerky self had to be all dissapointed because he didn’t get best. But whatever. I was expecting this. Time to get a lecture for wasting money, when I go home!

I slouch as the rest of the ceremony is blurred by my chain of thought.


I reach home, and tired, i take a nap.  till like the next day morning

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Famousness ~

I scroll down my instagram page, looking for some art inspiration. I see some amazing work, but none that I can do (obviously.) My thumb unconciously stops when I se a beatiful drawing of a dress. It was black, and long. It had hints of gold and silver embroidrey, and it was completley breathtaking. I stare at it for a second, and before I knew it, I was dreaming.

I twirl slightly. The flash of a hundered cameras capturing my every move. I put on a smile, and enjoy the glory for a few seconds. Basking under the lights of the world. I turn and see yet another unfamiliar face (like in most my dreams) A tall, good looking man, in a suit. It was a dark almost black tinge of blue. he sported it with a black bowtie, which ¬†had gold sewn into it, making it a very subtle, yet noticible double color. He smiled, and held his hand out for me. I gladly placed my hand in his, as I lifted my long black dress with the other. He pulled me close, and I hear questions from the ever hungry reporters. “How long did it take? What cloth is it? Did you train from any other designers? Is this going to be for sale? What was the inspiration for this?” I gracefully ignored the questions as I entered the overly lit hall. My eyes dart from designer dress, to designer dress. Black, to green, to blue to gold. I blink for a second, and it’s all gone.

Good lord Ananya. Get a grip. ¬†(I don’t even know why i bother. I dream all the time. And i always tell myself to get a grip.) I grit my teeth at my unfairly harsh reality, and unwillingly scroll past the drawing.

After a few more minutes I gave up, and threw my phone onto my bed in frustration. I growl, as I walk to my laptop, and pull out my books. “Damn homework.” I grumble, as I pull a pen out of the stand on my desk.


I pull the cloth green mask off of my face, and pull blood covered gloves off of my hands. the rubbery plastic makes a satisfying “smack” sound as i rip each one of. I wash my hands with soap as i look at myslef in the mirror. A very happy and huge grin was plastered on my face. I walked out, as I smiled at other people in the same greenish colored clothes as I was in. I find myself walk into a changing room. I open my locker, and start to change. (don’t imagine it you naughty people) I throw the clothes in the laundry basket, and wear a black pant with a cute light cream top. I finish the look off with A doctor’s coat. I walk out of the room and walk straight into a hug. A little girl wraps her hands around my waist.(*)”Thank you! Oh thank you so much! I can see my mom right?! I love you!” I lok down and smile at her.

Just as I try to recognize her cute face, it turns into a bunch of hazy letters. I see My bio textbook come back into focus. I grumble. I crack my neck, and pick up a water bottle from my desk and take a sip. I check my mails. Damn it! HMUN! Oughhhhhh. I can’t. I start frantically typing on google trying to pull some research together. Totally going to fail thid thing.

I smile brightly, and scribble across the front page of a book. “So Miss. Ananya! It’s barely been a month and your book has almost sold out worldwide!” I laugh softly (more like breathing out of my nose loudly) “Well of course! it’s amazing!” I say, sarcasm flowing off the tip of my tounge. The unfamilar face in front of me laughs. She holds up the book I just signed to the array of large, black cameras shooting us. “I have a signed book you guys! Suck it!” I laugh (more like an actual laugh this time.) “Thank you!” I look back at the LED screen behind me, It reads¬†A Day In The Life Of A Deamer ~ Ananya “Bestseller!!!”

I bink as the bright screen of my laptop, shines againt my eyes, almost blinding me. I sheild my eyes, as I desperateley try to find the button to reduce the brightness. A few moments later (when i was more adjusted to the light, even though it was a little hazy) I check the time. 1:43. Damn it. I barely write a paragraph, and I am falling asleep. I stare at the page for a moment trying to decipher just exactly what I wrote. (The star in the brackets. ya round there was when i fell asleep.) How will I ever get anywhere in life if i just keep dreaming about being famous?


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